Ritchie Falls Outdoor Adventure Retreat

Ritchie Falls is known for its pristine rivers and beautiful lakes. Immerse yourself in true wilderness and traditional Anishnawbek culture.

A Commitment to Our Community

Ritchie Falls Resort has been in operation for many years, and has fostered a strong reputation for excellent amenities, outstanding customer service, and exceeding guest expectations. With Moosewa Resort as an outpost camp, Ritchie Falls has established itself as one of the premier destinations in the region.

Our Resorts engage in a symbiotic social enterprise model of financial cooperation. A portion of the funds received to host programs at Moosewa Resort are used to contract the services of Ritchie Falls Resort, such as coordination, catering, and guest transportation. In return, Ritchie Falls transfers a portion of its profits to support the initiatives of Moosewa Resort, cementing its commitment – and the community’s commitment – to the social benefits provided by Moosewa’s programming initiatives.

Our Anishnawbek traditions and values are ever present at both Resorts – sometimes front and centre as with cultural programming and sharing of traditions; and sometimes through the values and principles embodied by the staff.